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Transferring your WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone to a new Android device or vice versa can be a headache. Manually moving messages is time-consuming, and backups don’t always transfer reliably across platforms. Luckily, the innovative app iToolab WatsGo Crack provides a simple solution for migrating your WhatsApp data between iOS and Android – no backups required.

Overview of iToolab WatsGo Crack

iToolab WatsGo Crack uses encrypted migration technology for safe, private transfers without any data loss. It also works without backups or external servers for direct device-to-device WhatsApp migration over WiFi. The app has an intuitive interface and is easy to set up on both your old and new smartphones.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Securely migrate WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android
  • Preserves all messages, photos, videos, and files 
  • No need for backups – transfers data directly between devices
  • Encrypted data transfer for privacy and security
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Free trial available to test it out

For anyone switching from iPhone to Android or vice versa, iToolab WatsGo Full version crack makes transferring your WhatsApp data seamless, fast, and reliable. You don’t have to rely on backups or manually moving chats ever again.

How iToolab WatsGo Download free Works

The process of migrating your WhatsApp chats with iToolab WatsGo Free download is straightforward:

  1. Download and install the iToolab WatsGo Crack app on both your old and new smartphones.
  2. Connect both devices to the same WiFi network to allow them to detect each other.
  3. Open the app on your old device and select the “Transfer from old phone” option. iToolab WatsGo will scan and load your WhatsApp data.
  4. Open the app on your new device and select “Transfer to new phone”. Choose the WhatsApp data you want to migrate over and tap “Transfer”.
  5. iToolab WatsGo will now move your WhatsApp chat history directly from your old device to your new device over the WiFi connection securely.

The transfer will include all of your WhatsApp messages, media files like photos/videos, voice messages, call history, contact details, and document attachments. Everything is preserved during the migration.

iToolab WatsGo Crack

Step-By-Step Guide to Using iToolab WatsGo Crack

Migrating your WhatsApp data only takes a few minutes with these simple steps:

1 – Download and Install iToolab WatsGo Crack

First, download and install it on both the old and new smartphones between which you want to transfer WhatsApp chats. Make sure you install the latest version of the app.

2 – Connect Devices to Same WiFi

Next, connect both smartphones to the same WiFi network and make sure internet access is working on each device. Close all other apps using the network.

3 – Scan WhatsApp Data from Old Device

Now open the iToolab WatsGo app on your old device. Select the “Transfer from old phone” option and tap OK to begin loading your WhatsApp data.

The app will scan your WhatsApp account and display all chats and media that are available to transfer. This may take a few minutes depending on how much data there is.

4 – Transfer WhatsApp Chats to New Device

Once the scan completes, open iToolab WatsGo on your new phone. Hit the “Transfer to new phone” button.

Select the WhatsApp chats and media you want to migrate from the list and tap “Transfer” to start the process. The app will now transfer all the selected WhatsApp data to your new device directly over WiFi.

When the transfer finishes, you can verify your chat history is intact on the new phone and looks the same. Enjoy seamless WhatsApp migration in just minutes!

Does iToolab WatsGo Work for Both iOS and Android?

Yes! A great benefit of iToolab WatsGo Free download is that it supports migration of WhatsApp chats between iPhones and Android devices in both directions:

  • iPhone to Android – Transfer your WhatsApp chat history from any iPhone model to a new Android phone 
  • Android to iPhone – Migrate your WhatsApp data from an Android device to any iPhone

As long as both devices are connected to WiFi, you can transfer WhatsApp between the two platforms seamlessly. The app works reliably for the latest iOS and Android versions so you never have to worry about version compatibility.

Is iToolab WatsGo Safe and Secure?

iToolab WatsGo Keygen uses advanced end-to-end encryption technology to keep your data safe when transferring WhatsApp chats between devices. This prevents any third-party access during the migration process. 

Some key security aspects:

  • No data is stored externally – All WhatsApp migration happens directly between your two phones.
  • Encryption protects privacy – Your chat data remains private and secure.
  • No data loss – WhatsApp chats are preserved intact during and after transfer.

You can trust iToolab WatsGo to migrate your WhatsApp data safely and securely every time. There is no risk to your chat history or privacy.

The Benefits of Using iToolab WatsGo Download free

  • Saves time – Transferring WhatsApp manually between iOS and Android takes hours. iToolab WatsGo lets you migrate chats within minutes.
  • No reliance on backups – Cloud backups often fail to transfer reliably across platforms. iToolab WatsGo needs no backup access.
  • Preserves chat data – All your messages, media files, history and details move over intact.
  • Easy to use – With a simple interface, iToolab WatsGo is straightforward for anyone to use.
  • Encrypted migration – Your data remains totally secure and private during transfer.
  • Free trial – Test out the app before purchasing to see the seamless migration firsthand.

For fast, painless, and secure WhatsApp transfer between devices, iToolab WatsGo Keygen is the ultimate solution.

iToolab WatsGo Pricing and Plans

iToolab WatsGo Crack offers affordable and flexible pricing plans:

1-Month License

The 1-month license gives you the ability to transfer WhatsApp chats between multiple device pairs for one month. It’s a good short-term option if you only need to migrate data once.

Price: $15.95 

1-Year License

For long-term use, the 1-year plan is the best value option. It allows unlimited WhatsApp transfers for a whole year between any of your devices. 

Price: $19.95

Lifetime License

A lifetime iToolab WatsGo license lets you transfer WhatsApp data between new device pairs forever. This one-time purchase is ideal if you upgrade devices frequently.

Price: $29.95

Overall, iToolab WatsGo provides seamless and secure WhatsApp migration between iOS and Android at reasonable prices. Try out the free trial today.


Migrating WhatsApp chats across platforms can be a time-consuming hassle without the right software. iToolab WatsGo Keygen provides the ultimate solution, allowing fast, encrypted, and backup-free WhatsApp transfer between any iPhone and Android device.

With a few simple steps, you can securely move your WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, voice clips, contacts, and call history across mobile operating systems – no tedious manual transfers needed. iToolab WatsGo is the best investment to simplify switching devices while preserving your WhatsApp data.

Download iToolab WatsGo Crack and breeze through your next mobile platform change with seamless WhatsApp migration. Your chat history will transfer safely in minutes, so you can pick up right where you left off.

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